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Presented to Santa Monica SRTS Car(e) Free Contest Winners

April 24, 2013
Presented to Santa Monica SRTS Car(e) Free Contest Winners

Pictured left to right are program coordinators Shari Phillips, Alison Kendall, first grade classroom winners Jared Oliver (walked 13 miles) and Brody Wilkes (scooted 12 miles), Owen Gorman, and Rachel Horn

Many kids jaws dropped when we explained our plans to bike across country.  The classrooms we presented to at Roosevelt Elementary had made the biggest contribution to the schools goal of going car free by logging their miles.  They were encouraged to bike, walk, scoot or just get dropped off a couple blocks away from school in order to reduce congestion and pollution.  Many students I talked with agreed that getting to school on their own was fun and made them feel energized in the mornings.  As a part of my internship with Alta Planning, a firm contracted by the city of Santa Monica to help run these programs of encouragement for SRTS, I have been able to play many roles in innovative safe routes campaigns.  Handing out the prizes and talking with these kids with Rachel has been a great experience before we head out.  Click the picture to learn more about the Car(e) free days events which are ongoing in Santa Monica schools!

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